Types of Furniture

Types of Furniture
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1. Sofa Sets

The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease. The ultimate home investment, the perfect Sofa set should combine great style, flawless construction and high-quality materials. Explore our versatile range, from traditionally styled Chesterfields to modern tuxedo sofas.

2. Sofa Cum Bed

Excellent space savers, our sofa beds with their simple mechanism let you sit up, lean back or lie down. Explore our wide range of sofa cum bed and get the one that suits your personality.

3. Bedroom Sets

When you go all over the world to work, your dream vacation is your bedroom. Avail our exclusive bedroom designs to get yourself the best sleep possible while looking like a throne for your dreams.

Coz Sometimes the only thing better than catching some more needed sleep, is waking up and realizing this is your life.

4. Corner Sofa

The family sofa. It’s where we go to hangout as a family. It’s where we sometimes eat our meals. It had our backs through scary movies, and been a shoulder to lean on through every rom-com.

For a roomful of memories. The key to a successful Friday night is having the perfect place to relax.

5. Dining Set

Most beautiful memories are made at dining table. Where we Gather, Eat, Laugh, Bond. Together the place to be. Explore our Dinning sets and find the one for you.

6. Wall Units

Wall Units are center of attraction in our Living Room. Infuse a sense of grandeur in your home with our most exclusive Wall Unit collection. Explore our range of Wall Units.

7. Bed Base

Celebrate that extra power hour of sleep with our wide range of Bed Bases. Designed to give you the best sleep possible.

8. Coffee Table

We believe that smallest piece of furniture can make the biggest difference when it comes to convenience. So Deck up every corner of your space with our modern furniture. Give a classy touch to your space using our coffee tables and accessories.

9. L Shaped Corner Sofa

L Shaped Corner Sofa is very similar with corner sofa, it’s an ideal furniture for living room. Multiple people can sit on l shaped sofa, it’s looking like l shape therefore everyone calls this as l shaped sofa. Wide range and colors of sofa available online.

10. Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are specially designed for kids and it is one of the most popular furniture for kids, bunk beds are available in plastic as well as steel. It’s making kids more comfortable while sleeping or playing. Bunk beds also called as kids bunk bed.

11. Dining Chairs

Dining chairs are ideal and very popular furniture for dining room, when dining chairs are used along with dining table than its create ideal place for eating foods.

12. Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture also called as bedroom sets or sleeping furniture. Beds, wardrobe, dressing table, mirrors are very popular bedroom furniture.

Bedroom furniture can be made with wood or stainless steel. There are various types of sleeping beds are available online or by visiting physical furniture stores.

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