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The art of learning

Every human being and animals, organism or any living thing learns something as time passes by. They learn from experience. A long time ago there were only single cellular organisms on the planet. They learned to divide and became multicellular. They evolved gradually and we are now human beings who can think independently and we are one of a kind. I think the surroundings forced the organisms to learn. It is like to adapt to new things they have to change themselves. But now when we talk about learning then it is completely different. Now it is like knowing new things and practicing them. Like learning to play the piano.

Learning is very interesting because when we learn one thing then we not only learn that thing but various other things. I will give you an example. Lately I have been learning to bake. Especially cake and bread. I have baked like 10 or 15 cakes and I have baked around 4 to 5 loaves of bread. I have learned a lot about baking. Which is the right temperature to bake on? I have remembered the ingredients needed to make a cake or bread. I have learned how thick or thin the consistency of batter should be. I have learned many things. But outside baking also I have learned many things like patience. We have to let the dough of the bread proof for hours or even days. It is hard to wait but it is very important. I also have learned to never give up because the 1st few times I baked the bread it came out not good. The bread was hard and tasted bad. But I still ate it. I don’t know why. Maybe because I was attached to it during the making process so I didn’t want to throw it away. Now I have improved so much but there is still more room for improvement.

Also there is learning from mistakes. This is very interesting. I think this is the most efficient way of learning. Like if you say to a baby fire it is hot don’t play with it then it is less likely they will listen but once they feel that oh it is I don’t like the sensation of me touching fire then they will learn their lesson. But there are some mistakes that we cannot make. So in that case we learn from other things too. I think I will wrap up my article now. This is it for today. Thank you.

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